A World of Pattern and Design

Let’s put beauty into the world together with custom creations.

I’m Cindy, a Surface Pattern Designer, Screen Printer, Artist, and Sewist. Along with creating and sewing Waldorf inspired dolls, I specialize in creating small scale fabric prints suitable for quilting and doll/toy clothing.

This is my creative space. I hope you have a chance to stay awhile and look around.

Fabric Portfolio & Shop
Quilting fabrics are my favourite type of fabrics to create. I enjoy crafting a variety of projects, such as doll clothing and bags, using medium and small-scale printed fabrics. I often have the end projects in mind when designing my fabrics.
Studio News
There is always a project on the go in my studio. Join me here for a quick look into my studio as well as for events and announcements.

March News

Art Room
Join me in my art room.

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