Enchanted – North American Gray Wolf

The North American Gray Wolf


20 X 30 Charcoal On Sanded Canson Board


The North American Gray Wolf is a crucial member of our ecosystem. The positive ripple effects of their presence is incredible and often disregarded.  Have a look at the following video, I think you will agree.   How Wolves Change Rivers

The more I learn about wolves, the more fascinated I become with these beautiful and enchanting carnivores.  If observed in their habitat you would see that they are very social creatures.  They hunt only to survive and do not kill for sport.  The pack life, consisting of seven to eight wolves, works on a hierarchical system.  The mother and father being the alpha members of the pack and the leaders.  They work together much like a family would.

For more information on wolves have a look at Defenders of Wildlife.

For this art piece I wanted to explore working on a different surface.  Enchanted is done on Canson board with a finely sanded texture. There were a couple of benefits that I did enjoy when working with this product versus a toothed paper.   I found the integrity of the tooth or grit in this situation) was never compromised and I could build up many layers of charcoal.  Also the material was a little more forgiving when I needed to lift charcoal in areas.  These benefits add an element of freedom to play more with the charcoal.