Depictions of Europe – Würzburg Statue and Residence

This past summer was filled with many great moments and captivating visuals.  Infused with rich artistry, Würzburg was by far, one of my favorite places to visit.  In front of the Würzburg residence, stands an ornate water fountain, depicting the poet, the wood-carver, and the painter.


The Painter – Mathias Grünewald


The five weeks I spent in Europe seem like a blur, it all happened too fast.  It is now that I find myself retaking this trip as I journey through the photographs, sketches, and journals (so glad I kept a journal).  Although Würzburg is not where our journey began in Europe, it is the place that has left the greatest visual impression.   Behind the ornate fountain with its lifelike sculptures, and behind the doors of the Residence of the Prince, lies a vast collection of some of the most beautiful pieces of art that I have ever seen.

It would be safe to say, that the most amazing work of art I have experienced would be Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s staircase hall fresco. Tiepolo’s ability to use the lighting and spatial conditions of the grand-staircase hall only accentuates his mastery of perspective, color, and composition. Seamlessly Tiepolo ties together depictions of four continents into one continuous frieze.  Beyond this staircase masterpiece are rooms filled with stunning workmanship.  This is one of those places where the grandeur must be experience in order to understand its true brilliance.