Eight Seconds

The eight second ride, from what I am told, is a long eight seconds.  I always find it interesting that some moments in our lives seem to take forever while others speed by so quickly, yet the actual time that has passed might be the same.  Why? Why do the events in our lives that are enjoyable seem to go fast and the more stressful times slow down? There is a way to slow life down, really!  If you want to know more read the following article, The Mental Trick… observe and enjoy life around you.  Mentally record those precious moments in every stage of your child’s life.  Take the time to slow down.


 24 x 19 Graphite Sketch

Observation has become a key element in art for me.  It has forced me to slow down and  pay attention to details that I might not have seen otherwise.  In the drawing above I wanted to incorporate movement with the use of dust or smoke clouds.  I know how to draw a cloud, but how do you make them move?  I had to observe clouds of all types.  I think I have captured some of that movement in this drawing, however I have some other ideas I still want to try.  Hopefully they will appear in future drawings.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for joining me on my art journey.


Note:  This is a photograph of the original.  The scanned image will appear at a later date in the gallery and copies will be available for sale.