Mercedes – White and Black

Mercedes Elegance

If you grew up in the same generation that I did, you will probably recall stories told by your grandparents of horse-drawn wagons, or the purchase of the first ever family automobile.  My children would consider horse-drawn wagon rides a novelty, and purchasing a car is something everyone does.  As the stories of four-legged transportation slowly fade away, it is nice to remember some of the early generations of automobiles.

Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart

[su_label]White Charcoal on Black Paper [/su_label]

[su_label] Mercedes (17″ x 12″) [/su_label]

This white on black drawing was inspired by a recent trip to the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.  The old Mercedes car will not be found burning down the autobahn, but it is still a car lover’s delight.  Simple yet elegant, I find this car more visually appealing than the modern car.