My Story…

I am a surface pattern designer, screen printer, creator, and artist. I enjoy spending time outdoors – it is during these times where I find inspiration for my sketches and surface pattern designs. Having the Alberta Rockies, foothills, and grasslands as my playground generate abundant resources for my work. Many creative areas, such as graphic design, drawing, screen printing, and gardening, to name a few, have helped shape my art career. As my pattern collection grows, I am excited to be sharing what I have created with the world.

The quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.” rings true for me. The masterpieces found in the natural world are masterworks. My designs express how I perceive these masterpieces.

Drawing has played a large part in shaping my art career. I have spent many years working in fine arts drawing portraits, and commission work using graphite or charcoal. Have a stroll through My Art Background Gallery. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Precious Memories

Over the years my creative exploration has allowed me to learn different art forms. As I continue to move forward in the digital art world, it is nice to remember that my humble beginnings in art all started with a pencil and paper, and is part of my artistic voice.