“The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.”                                                                                                       -Glenn Gould


15 x 19 Charcoal

This week has been a week of reflection for me.  Reflecting on art, family, friends, and many things too numerous to mention.  Why is art important?  How has my art changed since I started my blog? Do I see the physical world around me differently?  Has engrossing myself in art changed my view of people?  How has it changed my view and why?  Has life become so cataloged and mechanical to allow me to create and think freely?

I won’t bore you with the details of my answers, that would take a while and some are still unanswered.  I will say, that the last question helps me answer the first question – why is art important?

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