Studio News

There is always a project on the go in my studio. Join me here for a quick look into my studio as well as for events and announcements.

March 2023

doll fabric creation, waldorf inspired doll process, knitting doll socks
design and sew fanny pack, screen printing tea towels, chickadees
A little snapshot of what has been happening in my studio this month.

It has been a busy month and a month where I got to wear a-lot-of different creative hats.

  • This month saw the designing and proofing of a collection of fabrics for creating doll clothing. The designs will be available in my Fabric Shop in April.
  • I started the next Waldorf Inspired doll (sold already). Don’t worry – more to come.
  • I learned how to knit – I know, crazy! After a-lot-of trial and error, I created a sock pattern for my dolls. Maybe April will be shoe creation.
  • I designed and sewed a canvas fanny-pack simply because I wanted one for biking – creating a few more for my wonderful customers.
  • I collaborated on a screenprinting project with an amazing local business.

Fabric Shop (fanny-pack) >

February 2023

Meet Rosemary, a 14″ Waldorf-inspired doll. This doll is the first doll to be added to my studio. I used one of my favourite fabrics from my Fabric Shop to sew her tunic – Spoonflower Collection called, Anticipation.

Anticipation Collection Fabric Shop >