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Welcome to my doll shop! I pride myself in offering unique and high-quality dolls that are sure to bring a smile. I began the journey of learning the timeless craft of doll making as a way to showcase my fabric designs. Through my learning journey, I have reached a point where I am able to provide exquisite dolls for purchase that are of exceptional quality. My dolls are crafted with care and precision using the finest materials and techniques.

Meet Martha,

Meet Martha, a 14″ Waldorf Inspired Doll.
Martha is handmade using quality doll jerseys and pure carded sheep wool.
Her skin tone is sun-kissed colour, her hair is auburn-brown mohair, and has brown eyes.
Her hat and shoes were made from locally sourced alpaca and wool yarn.
Her shirt and bag are made from custom designed fabrics

For Sale in My Etsy Shop

Rosemary – SOLD

Rosemary is a sweet 14″ Waldorf Inspired Doll. Made with mohair yarn, she is a ray of sunshine that will brighten anyone’s day

Maeve – SOLD

Meet Maeve, an adorable 14″ Waldorf Inspired Doll, ready for fun fall adventures.

About the Dolls

My handcrafted dolls are made using high-quality natural materials. They are designed to be soft, warm, and perfect for cuddles. The doll skin is made of high-quality doll jerseys, giving the doll a soft texture.

Each doll is carefully crafted using locally sourced wool, ensuring every stitch is made with love and care. The doll wigs are crocheted from either mohair yarn or natural animal fiber wefts, adding a touch of personality to each doll. The dolls that use animal fiber wefts are more suitable for older children since the fibers are less durable than the mohair yarn.

I take pride in using natural materials wherever possible, including natural fiber yarns for all knitted and crochet items. Plus, many fabrics used are designed in-house, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Please note that because each Waldorf-style doll takes a considerable amount of time to make and uses only the highest quality natural materials, they are not cheap. But I believe that the love and care put into each creation is worth it, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you hold one of these dolls in your arms.

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