Strathmore Hope Bridges Society Art Auction

Art Auction

I will be donating a print of The Barrel Racer to Hope Bridges Society Art Auction.  It will be held on Saturday, May 10th at the Strathmore Golf Clubhouse.  Proceeds to support  inclusive arts opportunities in Strathmore, Alberta and Wheatland County.

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Visit the Hope Bridges website for more information on this great community organization.

Hope to see you there! Please share and tell your friends.




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Barrel Racer

The Finish

Barrel Racer-2

24 x 19 Graphite-Barrel Racer

     At this point I usually step away from the drawing for a couple of weeks.  I try place it somewhere where I will catch a glimpse of it as I walk by.  Sometimes I will not touch it at all, but usually I will do a couple of touches here and there to polish the piece.  The touches may include making the back ground darker (or lighter), making shadows deeper, or adding a few crisp edges for definition.   I then spray the piece and have it scanned to digital format ( the above is a digital photo).


Back to the Process

Being out-of-town for a couple of weeks put a halt to the Process, now that I am home I am excited and eager to continue.  As promised I am posting a few photos of the next stages.

I usually start from the left hand side of the my paper.  This helps reduce smudging the drawing as I work.


Moving to the right and down, I continue to add detail and define shapes.  As I work my hand is resting on paper to keep oils from getting on the drawing surface.  I never smudge with my fingers.  Oils from hands and graphite don’t mix well.  When oil is deposited on the paper the area becomes darker and hard to control.  Give it a try, in your sketchbook not on your drawing. 🙂


Before I draw the mane of the horse, I try to lightly shape the body of the horse.  It is just easier this way.  Creating shape for the mane to flow over creates a more natural look.


Continuing on, I will go back and forth to add deeper shadow areas, knockdown highlights, or add new highlights.  Standing back from the drawing or looking at it from a different angle helps me to see which areas look flat and need more depth, and where proportions are not right.  Looking at the drawing in a mirror is also helpful.   I usually leave the background area for last, but I am trying to incorporate it as I draw to help decrease smudging in the drawing.  As you can see, I have not progress too much on the background, actually, not at all. 🙂

I really enjoy this stage of a drawing.  It is really hard to put it down, I just want to finish!  Keep posted, the finished drawing should be up soon.