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New Gallery – Rae’s Gallery

My Daughter’s Art

It is fun and exciting to watch my teenage daughter’s artistic skills grow.  Thanks to her love for art, she draws or paints on a daily basis.  With this daily practice, there is no wonder that her skill level is taking great leaps forward.  I thought it would be fun to add a gallery of her work to my home page.

Can you tell Rae is a Lord of the Rings fan?


Gandalf the White

Gandalf the White

Chalk Pastels on Black Paper.

 This is the first piece added to her gallery.


White and Black –

Black Paper

Working on black paper is a great drawing exercise. Normally darker values are created by building layers of graphite or charcoal, with black paper however, the opposite is true.   It is a great way to look at objects.  Personally, I find it easier to  draw on black.  Squinting while looking at an object causes the lines to blur, and the light and dark values are easier to see. Ignoring the black values, I rough in the light areas. Sometimes I will make a quick sketch capturing shapes, and other times I just add the light areas.

Once I am happy with the light values, I add more detail.  Blending the white into the dark areas creates more and different values.   White on black looks great as a loose sketch also, it has a free-flowing feel.  Maybe one day I will give up my need for detail and leave the sketches relaxed.


12 X 17 on black paper

Thought this drawing would be a great addition to my new business card.

Business Card Really the Final

Front and Back of Business Card

Thank you to Erin for putting this together on illustrator!   Awesome work!


Art Show Demo


My son named this one. 🙂

Animals – 14 x 12 Charcoal on black tinted paper


14×12 – White Charcoal on black tinted paper.

Strathmore held its first art show and festival on the weekend.  I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  This is the kitten from the demo that I was working on.  I think I talked more than I worked, but Strathmore has a lot of fun and interesting people, and I enjoyed answering questions about the pieces.  For those who did not get to see the finished drawing, here it is.

A couple other photos from the show.

IMG_7702-1The display


The Mayor of Strathmore dropped by.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by!