Reflection and Art Exhibit – Strathmore Library


Summer Markets have drawn to a close for this year.  Reflecting on my experience of the summer has helped me gain a clearer vision of what direction I would like to move with my artwork.

Maybe I analyze things too much, but I think the art and the artist have to grow and mature as they move through phases.  The first phase is primarily a learning phase.  Learning techniques, developing a style, making mistakes, trying different things (mediums, marketing, art exposure),and talking with other artists.  All these elements help to define the artist and what direction the art will take.  This is where art moves into the next phase.

The second phase is a phase of reflection.   What is the art all about? Why do art?  Is it created to make a statement?  Is it used to help a cause?  Is it purely a financial venture, or just a hobby? Is is a combination of more than one of these questions?

As I answer these questions and others, I can conclude that the reasons I engage in  art are multifaceted.  Currently I am exploring partnering with a couple of organizations.  Art has meaning and there needs to be a purpose for it, even if that purpose is to just have fun.  Keep posted for updates.


Art Exhibition

For the month of September some of my art pieces will be on display at the Strathmore Municipal Library.

library exhibit

For more information check out this link:   Strathmore Library Art Exhibit.