In the Art Room

It is always exciting to start a new sketch. Taking a white piece of paper and making it something more.  Allowing myself time to escape into a world where all the busyness of the week slips away…

Drawing Room

19 x 24 graphite

It all starts with drawing out shapes and lines. Sounds simple, and it is – really, it is.  Sometimes I will draw with my paper sideways or upside down, until all the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Once I am happy with proportion and layout I start adding the details (again looking for shapes as I shade).

This method of drawing, know as right-brain drawing, allows access to the appropriate  system in the brain – the visual mode of the brain. Known for being subjective, relational, intuitive, and free of time constraints it allows for creativity.  The left-brain mode is objective, verbal, numerical, rational, linear, and symbolic.  It is said that half a brain in better than none, but I think a whole brain would be even better.  Why not utilize both sides. 🙂