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More Water Soluble Graphite


Water-soluble graphite has quickly become a new favorite medium for me.  I like the richness that the graphite creates along with the freedom to add more layers and not end up with a shiny end result.  The diversity of this medium allows for quick, tight sketches like the kitten seen here, or can be utilized for loose, free-flowing sketches with a more painterly effect.  (I will post a loose sketch next week.)

Drawing detail does take some practice and experimentation.  If too much water is added to an area the graphite will bleed; I almost lost the cat’s eye on this sketch because my brush was too wet.  Drawing can be done dry, using water, or both; it all depends on what effect you want to create.

I also added an element of color to this sketch utilizing a great new drawing tool by ArtGraf.  ArtGraf produces water-soluble graphite along with pigmented water-soluble drawing mediums, most art stores and Amazon now sell this new art product from Portugal.  Here I worked with a very light wash of the pigment, however the same pigment can be used to create deep intense colors. 



Paper used:  Canson Mixed Media


Art Show Demo


My son named this one. 🙂

Animals – 14 x 12 Charcoal on black tinted paper


14×12 – White Charcoal on black tinted paper.

Strathmore held its first art show and festival on the weekend.  I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  This is the kitten from the demo that I was working on.  I think I talked more than I worked, but Strathmore has a lot of fun and interesting people, and I enjoyed answering questions about the pieces.  For those who did not get to see the finished drawing, here it is.

A couple other photos from the show.

IMG_7702-1The display


The Mayor of Strathmore dropped by.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by!