Champlieu, Ruines de l’église de Champlieu et Calvaire

Traveling in France with my family in 2009 we came across breathtaking ruins of a church.  Just down the road from these church ruins (half a kilometer) were Gallo-Roman ruins that included a temple, theater, and baths.  Unfortunately we did not get to see the Gallo-Roman ruins since we did not realize they were there until we got home and started to research places we stumble on during our trip.  The church ruins were beautiful, but how cool would it have been to explore the ruins down the road – next time.

This sketch was inspired from photos of the church ruins.   When we arrived a couple cyclist were just starting their day after camping for the night at the church ruins.



11×14 Graphite

If you want to see what we missed check out these Gallo-Roman photos.                      Now back to the Vintage sketches. 🙂


Renaissance Château

Cervená Lhota, or red village, is a beautiful renaissance château located in Czech Republic.  Normally the castle or château would appear a vibrant red color, but since I wanted to play with reflection and charcoal it is just black and white.  Since doing this drawing  I thought it would be fun to do a similar sketch using the rich clay, terracotta colors of contè crayons.

Cervena Lhota (2)

19 x 24 Charcoal

 To see what the château really looks like check out Château Cervená Lhota.



The Cooler Side

Banff, Alberta, Canada

…one of my favorite places to visit for many reasons:  beautiful breathtaking scenery for myself and my husband, quaint little gift shops for my girls, and an awesome candy store for my son.

12 x 18 Charcoal Sketch on blue-tinted paper

I am always amazed at the beauty that surrounds us, whether prairie or mountain, sky or earth, old or new – all you have to do is stop and look (or maybe I should say see). 🙂 Inspired after a trip to Banff I decided it was time to try sketch a landscape.   I have to say that it was an experiment and I never intended to finish it.  I wanted to know what effect black and white charcoal would have on blue-tinted paper. When I started the sketch I struggled with the cold feeling.  I really wanted to add brown tones to warm up the sketch, but refrained and I’m glad I did.  I enjoy the cool feel it created.  It fits with our week in Alberta – cold and snow! 🙂