Nikon and Porsche Photography Contest Winner – Martin Eisbrenner

I am happy to share and would like to congratulate my husband, Martin Eisbrenner, on his  recent accomplishment.  Last month he was announced one of three winners in a National Photograph Contest sponsored by Nikon and Porsche.  As the winner he was awarded a new Nikon Df camera and the use of a 2015 Porsche 911 Targa.

The concept behind the contest was to capture unique architectural rooflines similar to the rare, innovative roofline of the 2015 Porsche. The hardtop roof of the Targa 911 gracefully opens and in one continuous motion disappears neatly into the trunk area of the car.  This continuous flow of motion is mimicked in the architectural line of the new SAIT Aldred Centre seen in Martin’s photo below.  Emphasizing speed and flow, the jet contrails are a nice addition.  The overall composition of the photograph generates a fresh, free-flowing, open feel.


Check it out Porsche 911 Targa.


Coming This Summer

I will be adding a link to Martin’s Photo Gallery on my Home page.

Photos of the Targa 911 to come.


Canadian Rockies and Art

Yesterday I had the privilege of observing and talking with a local Canadian Artist in her home town of Banff, Alberta.   Canadian born, Christine Ford has spent most of her life in the breath-taking Canadian Rockies.  Passion for her home, the beautiful Rockies; and painting, is very clear when talking with Christine.  Her passion also comes through in her paintings.  This very personable young artist was more than happy to talk about her beginnings, art techniques, struggles in art, and much more.

There is a recurring theme when I talk with artists or read art related articles (beside practice 😉 ) and that is to find ways to surround yourself with art (and artists).  This will keep you drawing, painting, and creating.  Unless art is your livelihood, where you must paint to pay the bills, it needs nurturing daily to grow.  It gives you a reason and purpose to do art.  What does this look like?  I think for me it means taking a course, setting some goals, entering competitions, being active in an art society, and  even doing some commission work.

If you haven’t visited the Canadian Rockies, plan a trip – it will be well worth it.  I have been to the majestic Canadian mountains many times, and each time I go,  it is like I am seeing them again for the very first time.

Photographs taken by Martin Eisbrenner.  Check out his website…some really cool photos!!!

If you want to learn more about Christine Ford check out her website at www.christineford.ca