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A Recycled Christmas – Pallet Art

The Beauty of Recycled Wood


[su_column]Rusty nail holes, knots, weathering, scrapes, and scratches give recycled wood personality and charm.  This Christmas I decided to do recycled projects for gifts.  For me, giving gifts that require time, thought, and creativity are more fun to give and get.

Waves and Wind[/su_column]

[su_column]I appreciate character pieces, both in the subjects that I draw and materials that I use. Old pallet wood art adds charm to any decor. If the wood could talk…

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.[/su_column]


Christmas15The above piece I did for myself.  After-all, I had to practice on something. I am excited that I have one more piece to paint. I wonder what it will be?