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Hand Lettering-Learning, Practicing, Growing

Hand lettering is a beautiful art form which is easy to fall in love with. Its power has great impact on society.  Yes, fonts and lettering are functional, helping us communicate words, but there is so much more. Fonts can evoke emotions, tell stories, influence our mood or choices, and even trigger memories.

Here are a few examples of my hand lettering adventures:

Hand lettering

Hand lettering



Gaining skill in any new art form takes practice; muscle memory must be created to allow for lines to flow.  Remember the numerous pages of practice loops in elementary school when learning cursive writing?  Consequently, all that practice made for quick, beautiful letters which required very little thought in creating.



Hand lettering

Adobe Illustrator and Hand Lettering

Along with learning letter forms and styles of hand lettering, I decided to explore adobe illustrator.  I’ll be honest, it was the source of many headaches for me.  Determination builds strength!  I persevered, and even though I still have tons of learning to do it is getting easier.    …the headaches are less frequent.  

In this practice piece I incorporated hand lettering with illustrator.  It was fun playing with the different tools that illustrator has to offer.  Some days I felt like a kid in a candy store – too many choices.  How would I ever decide?

Hand lettering

Portrait drawing is an art form that I can completely lose myself in – hours feel like minutes.  Sometimes however, I have an innate desire to learn more and try new techniques, that is the case with lettering.  Follow my weekly progress on Instagram @eisycindy to see where my hand lettering journey takes me.


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Downtime Doodles

Downtime Busy

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Often I associate the word busy with negative aspects of life, but really that isn’t completely accurate.  Busy means I am engaged, learning, interacting, and accomplishing.  Lately I haven’t had as much time to work on larger art pieces, but that’s okay.

What is taking up my drawing time?  That’s a great question, and in answering it I have discovered a few things about myself.  My family is very important to me, and investing in them comes first.  That might mean making meals, doing laundry, being the taxi service, teaching, or just there to listen; each job is of great importance. I have also come to realize that I have a great need to be constantly learning and challenging myself.  Right now, the challenge is to learn Adobe Illustrator.

Still in all these busy moments, daily sketching has found a way to become infused into my day.   It started with a couple simple doodles on a black piece of paper while I waited for my daughter to finish her music lessons.  The result was Down Time Doodles. There is a sense of freedom and relaxation when I doodle, which is welcome in my busy schedule. The down-times are good times, and I am looking forward to more doodle time.