Canada’s Music Greatness – Michael Bublé

Exploration of Music Greatness As I continue on my journey exploring Canada’s Music Greatness I am astonished as to how many amazing musicians have helped create the Canadian musical landscape.  I know we have an abundance of great musicians in Canada but was not mindful of the vast numbers until I starting exploring the Canadian …

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Snow Leopard – A Time for Rest

[su_heading size=”22″ align=”center” margin=”30″] Breathe [/su_heading] [su_heading size=”14″ align=”center” margin=”30″] Charcoal 24 x 19 [/su_heading] When life gets busy and schedules seem to spin out of control just breathe.  Remember life is pretty good – actually, it’s pretty amazing!  Each day will always be too short for all of its ambitions.  Slow down and breathe …

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Whimsical Realism

[su_heading size=”17″] Sketchbook Charcoal – Ram and Bear Cub [/su_heading]                                             [su_heading][/su_heading] Working on the ram and bear cub this week reminded me of the larger bear cub charcoal Hide-and-Seek, which I did a couple years ago.  Similar to this drawing, it was a story piece, incorporating expressions to bring about character of …

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Sketchbook Sketch Break

[su_heading size=”17″]Bald Eagle – Charcoal  [/su_heading] Jumbled, cluttered, whirlwind… If I could look inside my brain, I think I would see that exact chaotic mess of too many thoughts crashing around, each one vying for my attention. Okay, it’s probably not that bad.  It is, however, essential for me to stop, breathe, prioritize, and refocus …

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Time Well Spent – Family

[su_heading size=”20″]”All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.” – Gandalf[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”12″] [/su_heading] Do you remember being in high school and thinking that each minute, day, and year moved at a snail’s pace?  I remember thinking that. Then I got married and started a …

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